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Body Treatments & Massages

Body Treatments

Organic Purifying Back Cleanse 50minutes                                         £58
Suffering with oily or congested back or just want to look fantastic in a backless dress? Deep cleansed and exfoliated back is ready for extractions. While the spicy wrap of Hungarian Herbal Mud is applied to detoxify and clarify the skin, relaxing scalp massage is performed. To finish the treatment Stone Crop lotion is applied to calm irritation and leave the skin super hydrated.

Coconut sugar glow 30minutes                                                                £43
This treatment uses antioxidant-rich Coconut sugar scrub made from raw sugar canes and virgin coconut oil to increase blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. Followed by application of nourishing Champagne Mimosa Oil to reveal new healthy skin.

Trip To Fiji 60minutes                                                             £70                                                                                                                                                                             Relax, Breathe Deeply And Drift Away For A While To A Tropical Island…                                                                                                                                                               Your ritual begins with a deep pore-cleansing exfoliation using coconut scrub, you are then painted with rich mango butter to promote hydration and nourish deepest layers of your skin. Your body is relaxed then wrapped while a warm exotic oil is massaged into face and scalp to relieve all tension
and leave your skin and hair shiny and healthy.
This ultimate treatment leaves your body hydrated and restored while your mind stays on “island time”.

NEW! Rose and Berries Ritual 75min                                        £105

Indulge in the sweet notes of berries and rose gardens in this beautiful face and body ritual. This treatment includes full body exfoliation (rose sugar scrub) while rose oil is worked into relaxing massage and sweet berries facial works it’s magic on your skin. The scents are fresh and sweet and you will feel both soothed and refreshed by the time you leave. Breathe deeply and feel the stress melt away.


Holistic body massage
Let your mind and body escape reality and find its inner-balance. Our deep but soothing massage will release knots and relax tense muscles. This treatment can help relieve everyday anxiety and stress, aid sleep and promote a sense of well-being & relaxation.

Holistic full body massage 50minutes                                                     £63
Holistic back, neck & shoulders massage 25minutes                           £42

Aromatherapy body massage
This deeply relaxing massage combines organic essential oils with gentle and soothing techniques to create a feeling of physical relaxation and well-being.

Aromatherapy full body massage 50minutes                                         £65
Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulders massage 25minutes               £44

Indian Head massage

This treatment incorporates scalp, shoulders and face massage to comfort the mind, body and soul. Stress and strains melt away and tired head and muscles are soothed. Combination of different techniques help to reduce tension, improve circulation and flush out physical and emotional toxins.

Indian head massage 25minutes                                                                £42
Indian head massage combined with back, neck & shoulder massage 50minutes      £63                                                                                                                       


*Courses of treatments are available, please ask in salon for details

At the time of booking please let us know: If you suffer from any allergies or medical conditions (heart condition, diabetes, high or low blood pressure) taking any medication or have an injury, this may mean that some treatments are contra indicated in part or in full. If you have recently undergone an operation or have had treatment for cancer within the last 5 years we may need GP approval for some types of treatments. If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant as some treatments may not be suitable.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are available to purchase online, in salon or via telephone for any treatment or monetary value. Vouchers are valid for 6 months.

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